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Install Midnight Commander (MC) 4.7.3 In Ubuntu

midnight commander

Midnight Commander is probably the most well-known console file manager and probably the most easy to use due to being the closest to Norton Commander and having the most common operations displayed at the bottom. We covered Midnight Commander as well as 2 other console file managers in our 3 Linux Console File Managers You Should Try post.

There are 2 Midnight Commander (mc) branches: stable - 4.7.0.x and development - 4.7.x. Ubuntu of course comes with the stable version of Midnight Commander but if you want to install the development version, you can now find Ubuntu packages in the unreleased / git builds PPA we've set up (which also holds the Sezen Applet).

3 Linux Console File Managers You Should Try: Midnight Commander (MC), Last File Manager (LFM) And VIFM

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(in the screenshot above, you can see Lfm on top, Mc on the bottom left and Vifm on the bottom right corner, all running in Terminator)

GNU Midnight Commander (MC), Vifm and Last File Manager (Lfm) are 3 visual file manager applications for the Linux console. All of these 3 applications will remind you of Norton Commander - with the main interface consisting of two panels which display the file system -, but each has something special. Read about these 3 great console file managers for Linux and let us know your favourite in the comments!