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Install gThumb 3.3.2 in Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 / 14.10 Or Linux Mint 17 With Cinnamon Via PPA

gThumb is an image organizer/viewer that can export images to PicasaWeb, Facebook, Flickr or Photobucket, comes with some basic image editing features such as cropping, resizing, rotation, image enhancing, has video support, supports WebP images, can import images from digital camera and many other cool features.

gThumb 3.3.2 in Ubuntu 14.04 (under GNOME Shell)

Ubuntu 14.04 had gThumb 3.3.1 in its official repositories at some point but because starting with version 3.3.0, the application uses header bars (also known as client side decorations) and they don't work properly under Unity, gThumb was downgraded to version 3.2.7. And that's ok for Unity but how about Ubuntu GNOME and Linux Mint 17 (with Cinnamon 2.2.x) users?

Well, to make it easier to install, I've uploaded the latest gThumb 3.3.2 in the WebUpd8 gThumb PPA for Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 and Linux Mint 17 with Cinnamon users.

Lightbox-Style Image Viewer `PhotoQt` Updated With Window Mode, GraphicsMagick Support

PhotoQt (previously called "Photo") is a fast, stylish image viewer that supports basic image manipulation and file management and more. 

The application has been updated recently, getting a window mode (previously it was full-screen only) along with other interesting changes. Also, the application now uses GraphicsMagick which means it supports 80+ file types.


Elegant Image Viewer `Photo` Sees New Release

"Photo", a fancy Qt image viewer, has been updated recently with new features some of you have requested, such as a slideshow, new settings and others.

photo image viewer

Photo is an image viewer in which the image is displayed in full-screen with a configurable, semi-transparent overlay behind the photo if it doesn't cover the whole screen. 

The application also features image thumbnails on the bottom, which are set to autohide in the new version, but you can set them to always be visible from the settings. The menu is also hidden by default and to access it, you must point the mouse to the top right edge of the screen. 

`Photo` Is A Fancy Image Viewer Written In Qt [Ubuntu PPA]

Photo is a fast, fancy and highly configurable image viewer written in Qt.

Besides supporting most popular image formats like gif, jpeg, png, bmp, tiff, xpm and so on, Photo can also perform some basic image manipulation like rotating, flipping or zooming, display exif information and comes with a beautiful interface. When opening an image, you can quickly switch to another image in the same folder by using the thumbnails displayed at the bottom:

photo image viewer

Latest gThumb Dev Build (2.11.x) Adds PicasaWeb Support [Ubuntu .deb Downloads Included]

gthumb 2.11.1

F-Spot is an almost complete photo management application but has a problem (according to many people): it uses MONO. An advantage over similar tools like gThumb is the option to upload to PicasaWeb or Flickr. For the stable version of gThumb (2.10) that is, because the latest development version of gThumb (2.11.x) has already gained PicasaWeb support (not Flickr support for now though)!

PictureWall: Sleek Local And Google.com Image Viewer For Linux

picture wall

Picture Wall is Qt based Linux application (but it can be compiled on Windows too) to view local images as well as search queried images on google.com with with a really nice user interface.

Among PictureWall features are: animated image zoom in and zoom out on mouse pressed, entire images zoom in and zoom out on mouse wheel, horizontal scrolling of images on mouse drag in respective horizontal direction.

RPhoto: Almost Perfect Image Viewer [Windows & Linux]

RPhotoRPhoto is an open-source image viewer and editor for Windows and Linux. Its origin resides in the lack of a simple software capable of cropping photos with a constant ratio, to avoid white borders when printing.

RPhoto is lightweight, very fast, and offers basic rotate, resize and crop functions, optimizes JPEG files, has a built-in file explorer and is able to read EXIF data.

Portable Application For Basic Text Editing, To Do Lists, RSS Reading, and More [ Windows, Linux ]

Makagiga is a free, easy-to-use, cross-platform java application for doing a variety of tasks, such as text editing, todo listing, RSS reading, and simple image viewing. Plugins are used to implement its various capabilities. It can perform file import/export, backing up files, Internet searching (Google, Wikipedia), and more.