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Install MATE 1.12.1 In Ubuntu MATE 15.10 Or 16.04 Via PPA

The Ubuntu 15.10 and 16.04 MATE PPAs were updated recently with the latest MATE 1.12.1.

MATE 1.12.1 Ubuntu Wily

According to Martin Wimpress, Project Lead for Ubuntu MATE, the PPAs use the same source packages that he's done for Debian, which are currently being reviewed by the FTP masters and should land in Debian Unstable in a couple of weeks, so they should be safe to use.

Dash Online Search To Be Disabled By Default In Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus)

With Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, the Dash online search feature will be disabled by default.

How To Change The Mouse Scroll Wheel Speed In Linux Using imwheel [Quick Tip]


I've never actually needed to modify the mouse scroll wheel speed until recently, when I got a new mouse and I wanted to change the scroll wheel settings. That's when I noticed there's no such option in Unity / GNOME Control Center.

I searched for ways to change this under Linux and the easiest to use seems to be "imwheel", a command line tool that can be used to tweak the mouse wheel behavior and which, among others, can change the scroll speed of the mouse wheel, and I decided to share the information with you.

`Take A Break` Helps You To Actually... Take A Break From Your Computer

`Take a Break` is a small application which can be used to (more or less) force users to take a break after a configurable work time, useful if something like a popup reminder is not effective for you.

Take a Break