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Get Nautilus 3.4 Features Back In Ubuntu 13.04 With SolusOS Patched Nautilus

Patched Nautilus 3.4 dual pane Ubuntu 13.04

Ubuntu 13.04 uses Nautilus 3.6 by default, for which some features that were available in Nautilus 3.4 are no longer available, such as the dual pane view, sidebar tree view and more.

If you want these features back in Ubuntu 13.04, a proper appmenu for Nautilus along with other features / options such as:

Download Lightworks Linux Public Beta [Professional Video Editor]

Lightworks, a professional video editing and mastering software, is finally available for Linux, as a public beta.

Lightworks has been used in renowned Oscar and Emmy Award award-winning films, including The King's Speech, The Departed, Mission Impossible, Pulp Fiction or Braveheart.

lightworks linux

Install Pepper Flash Player For Chromium In Ubuntu Via PPA

As you probably know, the latest Adobe Flash Player versions are available on Linux only through Google Chrome, while other browsers are stuck with version 11.2. If you want to use Chromium browser instead of Google Chrome, here's an easy way to install Pepper Flash Player.

Liquid Prompt: An Adaptive Prompt For Bash Or Zsh

Liquid Prompt is an adaptive, smart prompt for Bash and Zsh. It can display various useful information on the shell prompt, only when it's needed, like the battery status when it's discharging over a given threshold, an up arrow if using an HTTP proxy, the number of detached sessions  (screen or tmux) and more.

Configurable NotifyOSD Updated For Ubuntu 13.04

patched notifyOSD Ubuntu 13.04

Quick update for Ubuntu 13.04 users: Leolik has updated the patched / configurable NotifyOSD that he maintains, to work with Ubuntu 13.04.

Bumblebee 3.2.1 Released With Ubuntu 13.04 Fixes, New Options

Bumblebee 3.2 has been released a few days ago but there was an issue and it didn't work on a lot of setups o version 3.2.1 has been released to fix this. The new version also fixes the Primus backend for Ubuntu 13.04 and adds some new options.

Bumblebee is an unofficial tool that brings Nvidia Optimus GPU switching to Linux. It's useful to increase battery life by only switching the dedicated GPU (Nvidia) on when needed. Nvidia has added initial Optimus support in their latest 319.12 beta drivers, but it doesn't have GPU switching yet.

See What`s New In Kubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail)

Kubuntu 13.04, the KDE-based Ubuntu flavor, has been released yesterday. Let's take a quick look at what's new.

Rhythmbox CoverArt Browser Plugin 0.8 Released

CoverArt Browser, a Rhythmbox plugin that lets you browse and play music using an album art view, has been updated to version 0.8 recently, getting improvements such as option to export embedded cover art in the album tracks, new light and dark icon theme and more.

Rhythmbox coverartbrowser plugin

Xubuntu 13.04 Available For Download - Quick Overview [Screenshots, Video]

Xubuntu 13.04 has been released yesterday, along with the other Ubuntu flavors. Xubuntu uses Xfce as the default desktop environment and is a great alternative for those who prefer a traditional desktop layout with a panel on top, panel applets and so on.

Download Ubuntu Tweak 0.8.4, Now Compatible With Ubuntu 13.04

Ubuntu Tweak, the popular tool that besides tweaking lets you easily install various applications that aren't available in the Ubuntu repositories, clean the apps / system cache and more, has been updated today, bringing support for the latest Ubuntu 13.04 along with some bug fixes.

Ubuntu 13.10 Codename Announced: Saucy Salamander

Saucy Salamander

Mark Shuttleworth has announced the codename for the upcoming Ubuntu release: Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander:

Ubuntu 13.04 Available For Download [Screenshot Tour, Video]

Ubuntu 13.04 has been released today with many enhancements and fixes to Unity as well as some important performance improvements. Read on to find out more!

7 Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail)

Ubuntu 13.04 will be available for download in a few hours and since many of you will be installing it as soon as it's released, here are 7 useful things you can do right after the installation.

Ubuntu 13.04 screenshot

How To Install Unity Smart Scopes In Ubuntu 13.04 [PPA]

Ubuntu 13.04 was supposed to get a new Unity Smart Scopes feature, which eventually didn't make it, but if you don't want to wait for Ubuntu 13.10 to try it, you can install it right now in Ubuntu 13.04, by using a PPA.

Smart Scopes tries to provide a better and smarter Dash search experience by adding various scopes that return relevant data depending on the search terms.

Smart Scopes Ubuntu Unity

BitTorrent Sync: Secure File Sync Between Computers Using P2P Technology [Public Alpha]

BitTorrent Sync, a free to use (but not open source) tool that can be used to automatically synchronize files between computers using the BitTorrent protocol, is now available for all as public alpha. The application runs on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and NAS.

BitTorrent Sync Web Interface Linux

Audacious 3.4 Beta 1 Released [Ubuntu PPA]

The first Audacious 3.4 beta version is available for download. Audacious is a fast, lightweight music player which comes with numerous plugins and two interfaces: a Winamp-like interface (it even supports Winamp 2.x skins) and a GTK interface.

Audacious GTK interface:

Audacious 3.4 gtk interface

Audacious Winamp Classic interface:

Audacious 3.4 beta 1 winamp classic interface

XnRetro: Add Instagram-Like Effects To Your Images With This Desktop App

XnRetro is a free to use (but not open source) tool available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X (as well as iOS and Android) that allows you to easily apply various vintage effects, borders and more to your images.

XnRetro Linux

Cloud Sync Tool `Seafile` 1.6.0 Gets Improved Collaboration Features

Seafile, an open source cloud synchronization and collaboration tool, somewhat similar to Dropbox, ownCloud or SparkleShare, that you can install on your own server, has been updated to version 1.6.0 recently, getting some interesting new features such as a Wiki module and more.

Seafile cloud sync tool

FBMessenger: Stand-Alone Facebook Messenger For Linux

Facebook will discontinue the Facebook Messenger for Windows API, which was also used by FB Messenger for Linux. This application will stop working on March 3, 2014!

FBMessenger is a stand-alone Facebook Messenger app for Linux, very similar to the official Messenger for Windows.

FBMessenger for Linux

This isn't an official Facebook application but it has been created by a Facebook developer and comes with the following features:

How To Install Tiny Tiny RSS In Ubuntu (Google Reader Alternative You Can Use On Your Server)

Since Google will close Google Reader in July, many users are searching for alternatives and there are a ton of services out there, some really good, but I'm sure some of you prefer to use a feed reader you can install on your own server and Tiny Tiny RSS seems to be one of the best.

Tiny Tiny RSS is an open source web-based RSS reader that you can install on your server (ideally, but you can also install it on your desktop), that features an Ajax-powered interface, keyboard shortcuts, OPML import/export so you can easily import your Google Reader feeds, article sharing, supports mobile devices, can be extended through plugins and much more.

Tiny Tiny RSS
Tiny Tiny RSS

flareGet Download Manager Updated With Important Changes And Bug Fixes

flareGet, a download manager for Linux that supports dynamic file segmentation, HTTP-pipelining for accelerated downloads and more, has been updated recently, receiving quite a few improvements and bug fixes.

flareGet Linux download manager screenshot

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Game For Linux Available As Public Beta (Steam Only)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a vehicle simulation game in which you can drive across Europe, picking up various cargos and delivering them.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 beta for Linux has been in closed beta testing for a few days and today it's available as public beta for all Linux users, exclusively through Steam.

Improve Power Usage / Battery Life In Linux With TLP

There are various tweaks that you can apply to your laptop to save battery power, but many of them depend on the hardware, Linux distribution, some are outdated or too hard to apply for regular users and so on. TLP is an advanced power management command line tool for Linux that tries to apply these settings / tweaks for you automatically, depending on your Linux distribution and hardware.

Ubuntu laptop

Fix: Google Chrome Can`t Be Installed In Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail Due To Missing libudev0 Dependency

Google Chrome can't be installed in Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail (fresh install) for now because of a missing dependency: libudev0. Until Google fixes this, here's how to install the missing dependency so you can use Google Chrome (any version) in Ubuntu Raring. 

You can install Chromium via Ubuntu Software Center instead of Google Chrome, but you won't get the extra features that Google has added to its browser, like the built-in PDF viewer, the latest Pepper Flash and so on.

Get The Ubuntu Touch Feeling On The Unity Desktop With These Launcher Icons

A few days ago we had an article about a new Unity Revamped PPA that adds some tweaks to Ubuntu 12.04, among which there were some nice Ubuntu Touch-style assets for the Unity Launcher. If you're using Ubuntu 12.10 or 13.04 and want to use these Ubuntu Touch Launcher assets, you'll find instructions on how to do it below.

Set Up Bumblebee With Bumblebee Configurator GUI [Nvidia Optimus]

The latest proprietary Nvidia graphics drivers, released a few days ago, include initial Optimus support for Linux, but there's still a long way to go until Linux will get full Optimus support. Until then, Linux users have Bumblebee, which is still required for proper gaming on Nvidia Optimus-based laptops.

Bumblebee Configurator GUI is a new tool that allows you to easily set up Bumblebee.

Fix Skype Not Working In Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail [For Users With Proprietary Nvidia Or AMD Drivers]

Some Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail users are having issues with Skype not starting when using the proprietary Nvidia graphics drivers (it crashes / segfaults). So here's a work-around you can use to get it to work until this is fixed in Ubuntu / Skype.

Update: some users have confirmed that this fix also works if you're using proprietary AMD / ATI drivers.

Skype Ubuntu

Install Friends App (Gwibber Rewritten In QML) In Ubuntu 13.04 Or 12.10

Gwibber, the microblogging client available by default in Ubuntu, has been rewritten in QML recently and is now called Friends App. 

Also, Gwibber Service (the backend) and the Gwibber Unity Lens have been replaced with "Friends Service" and Unity Friends Lens and the new packages have landed in the Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail repositories for a while, but they didn't work properly, at least for me, until a couple of days ago.

Gwibber used to be installed by default in Ubuntu, however, the new Friends App isn't (though the Friends Lens is installed by default) available by default in Raring and I'm not sure if it will make it, but you can easily install it via Ubuntu Software Center. Below you'll find instructions for installing the new Friends App in Ubuntu 12.10 or 13.04.

Easily Install Minecraft In Ubuntu Via PPA Using An Unofficial Minecraft Installer

`Unofficial Minecraft Installer` is a script available in a PPA that can be used to easily install the popular Minecraft game in Ubuntu and derivatives (Linux Mint, elementary OS and so on).

Minecraft is a cross-platform game (requires Java and runs on Linux - including Raspberry Pi, Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS and Xbox 360) game in which you build constructions from textured cubes in a 3D world. Besides building, the game includes other activities such as exploration, gathering resources, crafting and combat.

Minecraft Installer Ubuntu

How To Use The Intel Linux Graphics Drivers Repository In Ubuntu-Based Linux Distributions (Linux Mint, Etc.)

The Intel Linux Graphics Installer only supports Ubuntu 13.10 and 13.04 (and Fedora), and even though the drivers should work on other Ubuntu-based Linux distributions like Linux Mint, the installer doesn't work and the Intel repository isn't added automatically.

article updated on Jan 17, 2014

But you can still upgrade the drivers to the latest version available in the Intel repository that comes with the Intel Linux Graphics Installer, even if you use an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution such as Linux Mint, by manually adding the repository. Read on!

Linux Mint Intel Linux Graphics repository

Lubuntu Icon Theme `Box` Sees New Release, Download It Now

Lubuntu Icon Theme Box

The Lubuntu icon theme called "Box", that was introduced with Lubuntu 12.10, has reached version 0.38, getting many new and improved icons.

To celebrate the 0.38 release, an article on the Lubuntu blog links to the latest Box Icon Theme 0.38 so you can download and use it on any Linux system.

Easily Sign The Ubuntu Code Of Conduct With CoC Signing Assistant

Signing the Ubuntu Code of Conduct may seem difficult, especially for relatively new Linux users so to make things easier, Marten de Vries has created an application called Code of Conduct Signing Assistant which should make make it easier to sign the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.

You need to sign the Ubuntu Code of Conduct if you want to contribute to various Launchpad projects, upload packages to a Launchpad PPA and so on.

Ubuntu Code of Conduct Signing Assistant

Initial Optimus Support For Linux Available With Nvidia Graphics Drivers 319.12 Beta

Nvidia has released a new beta version of their Linux graphics today: 319.12, which includes quite a few changes, including initial Optimus support.

nvidia logo

Nvidia Optimus is a technology used to increase battery life by switching the dedicated GPU (Nvidia) off when it's not needed; when the dedicated GPU is off, the integrated graphics chip (Intel) is used. Until now, Linux users could take advantage of this technology through an unofficial project called Bumblebee.

New Unity Revamped PPA For Ubuntu 12.04 With Extra Tweaks

The popular Unity Revamped PPA has stopped working once again a while back, but there's a new PPA that adds the same features to Unity along with some extra ones such as the Unity Touch Launcher icons.

The new Unity Revamped PPA, maintained by Garhuy, is only available for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and adds the following features to Unity (with Compiz):
  • re-added Dodge Windows behavior;
  • minimize on click for Launcher items;
  • option to enable/disable the Workspace Switcher icon on the Launcher
  • Ubuntu Raring launcher assets (the new BFB icon - the button used to open Dash, workspace switcher, etc);
  • Ubuntu Touch Launcher icons.

Fuduntu 2013.2 Available For Download, Includes New Lite Version

Fuduntu is a Linux distribution forked from Fedora that uses GNOME 2 by default, which provides rolling updates for the applications so you can always have the latest Firefox, Chromium, VLC, GIMP, LibreOffice and so on.

Fuduntu 2013.2 screenshot

Convert Audio, Video, Image And Document Files With FF Multi Converter

FF Multi Converter is a utility that allows you to convert audio, video, image and document files between various formats, using tools such as FFmpeg, unoconv and PythonMagick.

ff multi convert

Intel Linux Graphics Installer Fixed For Ubuntu 64bit

Quick update: the packages available in the repository used by the Intel Linux Graphics Drivers Installer seem to have been fixed for 64bit.

About a month ago, Intel released a tool that allows Linux users to easily upgrade to the latest Intel graphics drivers. The tool comes with a repository used for the driver updates and it's available for Ubuntu (12.10 and 12.04) and Fedora (17 and 18). The repository had some multi-arch issues on Ubuntu 64bit, but they seem to have been fixed, at least according to my test.

Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail Final Beta Released, See What's New

Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail final beta has been released today, this being the first and only milestone for Raring. If you're not using Raring already, read on to find out what's new!

Note: this is the first and only Ubuntu 13.04 beta, even though the ISO says "beta 2", however, some Ubuntu flavours already had a beta release so today it's beta 2 for Xubuntu, Lubuntu and Kubuntu for instance.

Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail

Firefox 20 Lands In Ubuntu, Brings Per-Window Private Browsing, New Download Manager

Firefox 20, released a couple of days ago, has just landed in all supported Ubuntu versions. The new Firefox version brings a few long-awaited features such as per-window private browsing and a new download manager.

MATE 1.6 Released, Install It In Ubuntu [GNOME 2 Fork]

mate desktop 1.6 screenshots

After 8 months of development, MATE 1.6 has been released yesterday and its Ubuntu and Debian repositories have been updated a few hours ago with the latest MATE desktop. The new version comes with many changes such as Systemd-logind support, Caja (file manager) improvements and more.

MATE 1.6 is "a giant step forward from the 1.4 release" according to the MATE developers and with this release, many deprecated packages and libraries have been replaced with new technologies available in GLib.

For those not familiar with MATE, this is a GNOME2 fork which lets you use the old GNOME 2 desktop interface and applications but it also allows you to use new applications so for instance, you can use Nautilus 3 with it and so on. Also, MATE can be installed in parallel with GNOME 3, something that wasn't possible with the vanilla GNOME 2.

Terminology: More Than A Terminal Emulator (Ubuntu Installation Instructions)

Terminology terminal emulator

Terminology is a relatively new terminal emulator written for the Enlightenment desktop, but it can be used in other desktop environments. The application comes with many cool features, some of which do not exist in any other terminal emulator.

Besides features that are already available in other terminal emulators such as split views support, Terminology can do a lot of things you wouldn't expect from a terminal emulator, like displaying thumbnails for images, videos and documents and furthermore, it also allows you to preview those files directly from Terminology.

Open Source Real Time Strategy Game `0 A.D.` Alpha 13 Available For Download

0 a.d.

The thirteenth alpha version of 0 A.D. has been released yesterday, bringing a new civilization: Mauryan Indian, new songs, AI improvements and more. 0 A.D. is an open source, historical real-time strategy game developed by Wildfire Games, that can be played on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Audience Media Player Getting Close To A New Release, Help Test It!

audience media player

Audience is a minimalistic, Gstreamer-based media player written in Vala. The second Audience release is getting close and its developers have invited users to help test it. There aren't any major new features since the previous release, but a large amount of bugs have been fixed recently. So if you can help test it or just want to give it a try, read on.

Minimalistic E17 Linux Distribution `Bodhi Linux` 2.3.0 Available For Download

Bodhi Linux, a minimalistic Linux distribution based on Ubuntu that uses the Enlightenment Desktop (E17) by default, has reached version 2.3.0.

Bodhi Linux e17 desktop screenshot