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Figuritas is a brand new open source (Linux) multimedia manager created by the author of IMDB Thumbnailer.

Figuritas is coded in bash, using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, and SQLite that runs in Prism. It uses modules - the icons you see on top of the screenshot above - which means it will be expendable through addons.

Please note that Figuritas is in very early development stages and only the "Movies" tab has been implemented so far, but the idea is amazing in my opinion. Also, it needs testers so if you can, don't hesitate to try it out and give feedback to it's developer!

Installing Figuritas:

Download Figuritas from HERE (source files and Ubuntu .deb package available).

After installing Figuritas (this occurs for version 0.2 which is the latest at the time I'm writing this), don't run it! Instead, go to Applications > Internet > Prism, enter "figuritas" under the "name" and under "url", enter this:

and that's it. Now you can run Figuritas from the menu (Applications > Sound & Video > Figuritas).

Note: the image in the beginning of the post is taken from Yuzem, as I don't have any movies on the computer I'm writing this. Here's a screenshot from my computer too:

figuritas screenshot

For a lot more info and feedback for the author (requests, bug reports or any kind of comments), see Figueritas homepage and/or it's thread @ ubuntuforums.org.
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