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nautilus folder icons

Windows XP sets an image called folder.jpg as the icon of that folder. We can achieve this in Gnome / Nautilus too, with the use of a Python script, thanks to fifo @ubuntuforums (via Stephen O'Sullivan).

The script basically automates the process of converting a folder icon to, by default, an image in that folder by the name of either folder.jpg or Folder.jpg.

To run the script, navigate to folder you have saved it to (in the terminal, e.g. "cd Desktop"), and type:
python custom_icon.py -R /folder/folder 
(replacing "folder" for the directory you want to convert)

Then, refresh Nautilus:
nautilus -q
nautilus &

The script assumes all the folder images are .jpg in lower case, but if some of your images are .Jpg or .JPG, then simply change the line:

Download the script

Update: I have found a better way of doing this with a real Nautilus thumbnailer and it also works in Ubuntu Karmic. See HERE.
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